This blog was originally created by Madeleine Villa.
Transitioning from summer to fall has never been so easy. In the right style Henkaa convertible dresses can be worn all year round! If you aren’t familiar with the Calla Convertible Dress it’s about time you become acquainted. This dress can be worn in over 11 ways including as a top and skirt, and the versatility of this dress makes it perfect for navigating the polarizing temperatures in fall! We all know the feeling of bundling up for the frigid temperatures in the morning only to strip down for the humid afternoons; the Calla can be easily transformed from perfect summer dress to must-have fall capsule piece in a pinch.
Check out how Kate wore her Calla Convertible Dress to transition from summer to fall!

The Fall Commute
Henkaa Navy Calla Convertible Dress the perfect capsule wardrobe piece for transitioning from summer to fall.
This look is perfect for your crisp fall morning commute! Kate is wearing her Navy Blue Calla Convertible Dress in a simple dress style (whatever you prefer) and she has thrown a chambray button-up shirt over top creating a faux-skirt look. This is a great outfit both for looks and practicality, simply tie the button up at your waist as the day heats up!
Henkaa Navy Blue Calla Convertible Dress the perfect capsule piece for transitioning from summer to fall weather.
To finish off the look kate has paired her dress with her functional and cute leather backpack and a pair of trustee peep-toe heels! 

The Summer Throwback
Henkaa Calla Convertible Dress styled in the Tyra style as a tube top the perfect travel capsule wardrobe clothing item.
This outfit is for those scorching hot fall days that remind you of the sweet summer heat, why not indulge? Believe it or not but Kate is wearing her Calla Convertible Dress as a tube top in a modified Tyra style! She simply stretched the cowl neck over her bust and tied the sleeves in a knot behind her back, and for the finishing touch she carefully tucked the excess fabric into her high-waisted shorts! 
Henkaa Calla Convertible Dress perfect for transitioning from summer to fall in a pinch.
The great thing about this look? If it gets a little chilly as the day goes on simply un-tie the top and wear it in the long-sleeve Hilda style. Kate finished the look by adding a statement bag and go-to white sneakers! 

The Night Out
Henkaa Calla Convertible Dress styled in the asymmetrical Helen style perfect for a crisp fall night out.
Fall nights out can be a little chilly, try wearing our Calla Convertible Dress in the traditional off-the-shoulder, full-sleeved Crystal style for your Uber there. Don't overheat on the dance floor simply change up the look into this asymmetrical Helen style! 
Henkaa navy Blue Calla Convertible Dress perfect for a night out in summer or fall simply tie  it in your preferred style!
Kate finished this smokin’ look with some gold accessories and a simple black crossbody bag!
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