This blog was originally created by Madeleine Villa.

Halloween is a special time at Henkaa. It's a day for staff to test there convertible wrapping skills and take their creativity to the next level! Our convertible dresses can give you just about any look you desire, and on Halloween we prove it by dressing up. 

Check out our #Henkaaween costumes this year? Which is your favorite?

1. The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland

I'm late, I'm late... for a very important date! Sonia wore a Henkaa Sakura Midi in Pure Ivory and a Henkaa Bowtie in Light Sky Blue. She finished the look with a red blazer, alarm clock, and bunny ears.


2. Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie

Kate went all out for this look and nailed it! Kate's entire costume is made from Henkaa. She is wearing Convertible Sleeves and a Convertible Sash in Blush Pink, and a Burgundy Wine Violetta bandeau, Chiffon Scarf, and Blume Convertible Dress. She even used a Henkaa styling brooch to finish the look. 


3. Frat Boys at a Toga Party 

Sarah and Madeleine decided for a bit of a humorous costume... Frat Boys at a Toga Party. This look was created using a Neutral Champagne Violetta Bandeau and a Pure Ivory Sakura Midi as a toga. The look was completed with ball caps and red solo cups with the fraternity name "PUMPKIN π". 


4. Ball Gown Belle from The Beauty and The Beast 

Even we were impressed with how this one turned out! Sarah wore a Muted Gold Sakura Maxi and styled it in the Esmeralda style to mimic Belles gorgeous gown. She finished the look by adding a Muted Gold Sash to her bun and carrying a red rose.


5. Village Dress Belle from The Beauty and The Beast

Sarah couldn't just be one version... no she had to be both! For village Belle, Sarah wore a Slate Blue Iris Midi and made an apron out of a Pure Ivory Sakura Midi. She finished the look by adding a book! 


6. Hogwarts Pupils from The World of Harry Potter

Madeleine and Julie decided to dress up as opposing houses, Slytherin and Hogwarts students. They used Henkaa Skinny Ties in Burgundy Wine and Hunter Green, a Night Black Iris Maxi and Blume Convertible Dress. They finished off the looks by wearing private-school looking clothing.


7. A Jellyfish

Julie made us all so happy when she decided to be a jellyfish for her second costume of the day. For this costume she wore a Turquoise Teal Blume Convertible dress and created her tentacles by using streamers and a clear bowl.


8. Mario from The Super Mario Brothers

Sam got super creative with this one! She wore a Ruby Red Calla Convertible Dress and as her overalls she used a Royal Blue Sakura Midi. She finished the look with a red hat, white gloves, yellow buttons and of course a mustache!


9. Boo from Monsters Inc.

Who doesn't love Boo from the Disney Pixar hit, Monsters Inc? To get this look Madeleine used a Honeysuckle Sakura Midi and paired it with leggings, white socks, a stuffed animal and pink hair ties!


10. Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.

Gina is almost six months pregnant. She decided to make her belly the star of the show. For her first costume she wore an Emerald Green Sakura Maxi and taped cut-outs of Mike's face to her growing belly! 


11. A Jack-O-Lantern

What screams Halloween more than a jack-o-lantern? Gina created this look using a Burnt Orange Sakura Maxi and cut out a spooky face out of black construction paper. She attached this to her belly with tape! 


12. An Avocado

Last but not least, Gina dressed up as an avocado! She pulled off this look by wearing a Hunter Green Sakura Maxi and taping a 'pit' to her stomach! 

Make sure to tag #henkaaween on any costumes you create!