Henkaa recently came upon the opportunity to dress a women’s choir! With over 30 female choristers of different ages, sizes, and styles, it can be quite a feat to find a uniform that suits all members! Luckily, Henkaa’s Sakura Maxi Convertible Dresses fit the bill for the ladies of Oriana Women’s Choir and they all have elegant maxi length dresses that match, but can also be worn in styles to suit every individual in the Choir.

The same dress styled in two unique ways! The Sakura Maxi Convertible Dress in Night Black via @henkaa
Choristers in the Sakura Maxi Convertible Dress in Night Black; styled in the Charlotte and the Kate Styles.
On the left, Sue Roberts makes her style unique with a Mini Brooch Set, and Susan McCabe on the right wears the dress with her own chiffon sleeves!

Julia Lee of Oriana Women's Choir in the Sakura Maxi Convertible Dress in two different styles via @henkaa
Julia Lee tried out two styles and accessorized her Liza Style with a Brooch and her Victoria Style with a Ruby Red Convertible Bandeau.

“You and your staff were so gracious and helpful. As you could tell, our singers were thrilled with their new dresses, and looking forward to showing them off in all their glory at our next concert.” – Julia

Henkaa is proud to sponsor Oriana Women’s Choir’s performance wear for the 2014-2015 Season. Your chance to see them in action is on November 22, 2014 at 8pm in Toronto. Please see more details here and support local arts! 

ORIANA Gloria poster


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