You should feel beautiful, no matter your shape, size or body type.

Finding the right fit can be a struggle sometimes, but every woman deserves to have easy access to beautiful clothing.

Diversity was the main inspiration behind launching Henkaa. Our dresses compliment who you are and highlight your best assets.


No woman is made the same but every woman should feel comfortable in her own skin.

Though providing options for a wide range of dresses  (without breaking the bank) is a challenge, it’s the right thing to do.

When we launched we decided that every customer, from size 0 to 24, would pay the same for our products (no extra fabric surcharges here).


The Right Fit

Image by: @fluffstar416

Easily finding a dress that you are comfortable in, and still makes you look stunning, should be a given. Our Lenaa™ knit fabric flows with you without cling or restriction.

Our convertible dresses are beloved by women from all walks of life because of their ability to be customized to your size and style.  It hugs you in all the right places with a flattering fit.


One Dress, Any Occasion 

Weddings, parties, and family occasions all call for a different look.

With so many shades to pick from, you'll be sure to find something to make memories in. 

Our dresses work throughout many stages of your life — from travel to motherhood. The endless styles  are suitable for almost any event.  

Embrace Change, Henkaanistas