North American SizingHenkaa Sizing
0 - 14 *One Size (O/S)
16 - 26Plus

* If you are around in the size 12 to 14 range and have a fuller bust and/or waistline,
we recommend the Plus dress since the straps are longer and wider allowing for more
flexibility with styling options.

Click here for dress measurements.

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Plum Purple Sakura Convertible Dress.  It's the authentic infinity dress for bridesmaids, moms-to-be, fashionistas, and travellers. Convertible Dresses and Accessories have infinite styles.  They can be worn as bridesmaid dresses, maternity dresses, travel dresses, and more.
At Henkaa, each and every piece we feature is convertible and can be worn in a multitude of ways; the sum of one product is infinite and only bound by creativity. From Convertible Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses, to Infinity Dresses and beyond, our mission at Henkaa is to empower any women, of any size, in any situation to express their uniqueness through convertible fashion that changes. SHOP NOW