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Versatile and flattering!

I have Iris dresses in multiple colors and love all the looks you can create! I just had a baby, and the dress is super flattering and comfortable. The sleeves give a great everyday option while the halter look is perfect for semi-formal events. I always receive compliments on this dress and am already adding some of the new colors to my wish list!


I love love love the two dresses that I ordered for my maid of honor and bridesmaid! I ordered the Sakura Midi Convertible in the plum purple will send pictures of them wearing them in June at my small beach wedding in Barbados....I highly recommend Henkaa awesome job...

The bandeaus are awesome!

Gives my bridesmaid the extra support they needed to feel comfortable in their dresses!


Lace Infinity Scarf

Beautiful Dress!

This dress is luxurious and lovely! It makes me feel lovely and that isn't that what we all really want in a dress. The color is fantastic and the added accessories of the bandeau and sheer scarf made it even more versatile and lovely. You won't regret it.

Perfect addition to the Henkaa Sakura dress

Whether you are going for modesty or versatility, the convertible bandeau is at the perfect accessory to your Sakura dress! I have mine in wine and I believe that it will be the perfect pop of color with any other dress I decide to purchase.


Deep, rich color, easy to wash, wrinkle resistant fabric. Fun and easy to convert styles. I like that I can go out in a sleeveless top with the option to convert to a longer sleeve if it gets cold in the evening.


Iris Maxi Convertible Dress - Clearance

Love these dresses!

The dresses are beautiful, high quality and you can wear them a million diff ways!!


This is one of my favourite dresses! I get so many compliments. It's now my go-to!

Great purchase!

Elegant looking yet easy to care for. Iris works with a bra while still offering lots of sexy styles. I like that I can go out wearing it sleeveless but have the option of converting it to a sleeved dress if I get cold in the evening.


Blume Midi Convertible Dress - Clearance

Henkaa Midi Convertible

Love Love this dress. So versatile, lovely colours. Great for travel too!

Fits great

Fits and feels wonderful


Convertible Bandeau - Ready Now

Convertible Sash


Loved it

The lace was more beautiful than in the picture! Super pleased!

Amazing experience

First I would like to thank you all at henkaa for providing my bridesmaids dresses. We all LOVED the dresses. The material is super fancy/classy. I love the fact that it feels heavy while it’s worn. We tried many styles with it and we can’t come up with anything negative to say. I’m thinking of ordering my after party dress from here. Thank you so much for making my wedding day special !!

Takes a bit of effort

Nice dress, good material and looks beautiful... but I think it'll take some practice before I can start wearing it out.

Great Quality

Dresses came on time (although it's a long wait, it's worth it). They are great quality and the colour was exactly as shown in the picture - I got the burgundy wine and navy blue ones. These are going to make great bridesmaid dresses that will be flattering on the entire wedding party.

Maid of Honour

We are all very happy with our purchases. The dresses feel and look amazing and we love the ties

Not really happy

Very disappointimg that I didn’t receive my bride gift before my wedding. My wedding was Jan 27:( the order was place back in the fall.

Hi Elizabeth, Thank you for taking the time to provide your review! At the time you Registry was created, an email was sent to you by your personal Registry Consultant regarding your personal Henkaa Bridal Registry Perks (sent on September 22nd). Within this email was the form required to select your sizes and shipping destination for your Bridal Essentials Package. Unfortunately as this form was not completed, the order for your Bridal Essentials Package was unable to be created in our system and therefore was not shipped out. We will be following up with your privately as well to ensure you are able to receive your package! If you have any further questions please feel free to ask. Thank you again for providing your feedback, Elizabeth. Warm regards, Kate

Shouldn't be one size fits all

Hi Christine, Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback! Our Convertible Dresses feature flexible sizing as we find that this is helpful amongst our bridal parties. This way, everyone is able to order the same dress without having to be concerned with measurements and alterations. We find that the Sakura lends itself very well to this grouped-sizing as the waist can be customized with styling when wrapped with the straps. A true custom-fit! Thank you again for taking the time to send in your comments, Christine! We truly appreciate all feedback as we are always looking to improve our products and processes. Warm regards, Kate
Super comfy and super versatile

The dress is very soft and comfortable. I was able to dress it up for both work and for a job interview as well as dress it down for when I was hanging out with friends. Highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for something with a bit more coverage (i.e. sleeves) but still wants to look cute.


Sakura Maxi Convertible Dress - Ready Now


Iris Midi Convertible Dress - Ready Now


Beautifull dress

Dress in Pure Ivory

Had my bridesmaids order this dress in Pure Ivory and it is completely see through. IF you plan on ordering in Pure Ivory beware you will definitely require some type of slip... still haven't decided on what type of slip is needed and would like to stay away from overlay to try and avoid changing the look of the dress. As they will be wearing it at full length a slip will only cover to above the knee and will still be transparent from knee down so will require some type of full length slip to have a consistent colour. Hope this helps!

Amazing dress

Love my dress! So versatile and beautiful colour and the quality of the fabric is outstanding! My Victoria style made a huge success on Xmas!

Awesome and convenient!

Henkaa was recommended to my from a friend and I’m so happy I took her advise! The appointment was great and getting the dressed shipped to my house was even better! Thank you for taking so much stress off my plate Henkaa!

Freaking love it

Can not wait to wear it to a girlfriends wedding and then my bridal party wearing them next summer. I’m not one for dresses by any means but it’s comfortable and flows so nicely


Sakura Maxi Convertible Dress - Ready Now


Bought this dress as a bridesmaid. Will wear it over and over again. LOVE IT.

Love them

These are exactly what I was looking for, they match the bridesmaids dresses perfectly!

henkka dress

Great thanks, will be perfect for wedding in june

Viola midi Dress

This is the newest addition to my closet and I know it will get a lot of wear. It is great quality and you can never go wrong with the colour black.

Blume Midi Convertible Dress - Ready Now
Blume Dress

This is one of my favorite convertible dresses. The options and quality of this piece have let me wear it through all the seasons and leave me satisfied that I have invested in a dress that will last me years and solve the problem of finding something that suits me for any occasion or mood. From casual to dressy it is great to dress up or down. Thank you Henkaa

Beautiful Wedding Dress!

Looking forward to wearing it for my wedding. It's a bit see through, so it will need a slip. But the fabric is lovely and it ties up beautifully.

Better than the rest

I got a cheaper one previously and this one blows it out of the water. Better colouring and fabric make for a great dress

Beautiful, but long

I bought the Hana Maxi Convertible Overlay in black. It is as beautiful in person as in the pictures. But it is very long. I am 5'7" and it dragged by 3" on the ground. I had to roll up the waistband so I wouldn't trip over it.

Futur event

Thank you for the original fabric. This dress is for a futur event. Thank for team.


Love the dress. I got it in the beautiful burgundy wine color. Good for work and can easily transform into dressier for dinner. Happy with purchase

Soft and a great fit!

Awesome. Super soft.


Exactly what I expected!


Love the colour and material of the tie and handkerchief.


The size and colour are excellent! It’s going to be perfect for my sisters wedding!


If I could I think I would give a 2.5 star rating. I ordered this dress online with some trepidation but I was really hopeful. I had watched a lot of videos and looked at lots of pictures and I really like the look of the dress. I excitedly started trying it on as soon as I got the package in the mail. There is a lot that I do like about the dress really. The pros: I like the fabric and the colour (I got black and blue reversible), the fit is quite flattering, it's fairly easy to wrap even with my very limited experience.

There is one really big con that for me made me give it this lower rating. The dress really does not stay in place. I am larger chested and there is no way I can get the strapless style to stay up, even after trying to tuck material into my bra. None of the styles that I have tried with any kind of sleeve stayed in place either. The fabric acting as the sleeve rolls up and shifts as soon as I lift my arms up even a little bit. The edge of the fabric is unfinished so it rolls over almost immediately. As I was trying the dress out I realized I was a little foolish to not see these issues coming, but I hadn't really seen anything about it in the videos or other reviews I had read. It's possible with a healthy amount of body tape or some safety pins more of those other styles may be possible too, but I haven't tried that myself yet.

Overall, I didn't return the dress because I had gotten it on sale. I will probably wear it once and a while with some of the basic halter neck styles, and I do want to try the dress with body tape/pins. But overall this dress did not meet my hopes.

Hi Karen, Thank you so much for taking the time to review our Sakura Reversible Midi Dress! Our Sakura Reversible Midi does have many styles to choose from and we're glad to hear that you were able to try out many of them! Some styles do tend to lend themselves better to all day wear, depending on your comfort and body type. If you are concerned about maintaining coverage with your desired style in the Sakura, a Convertible Bandeau is a great option! Our Convertible Bandeaus are made from the same signature Lenaa fabric as our dresses and can be used to provide more coverage in the front of the dress while also covering your bra band should you choose to wear a strapless or full bra. As for the fabric moving or rolling in certain styles, we recommend using our Styling Tape to ensure that your selected Convertible Style is able to stay all day. You can use our Styling Tape for fabric-to-fabric or fabric-to-skin, allowing you to keep your style looking flawless. We'll be sure to follow up with you personally to provide more information! Thank you again for reviewing our Sakura Reversible Midi Dress. We appreciate every bit of feedback and are always taking strides to improve our experience and products for our customers. Warm regards, Kate
Running Dye

I was excited to try on my new black dress but was confused to find myself covered in black dye after. It came off fairly easily but after showering I had to scrub my tub which eventually came off and then wipe down areas I had touched before noticing it running. Is this standard for your items? I did not see anything saying to wash it before wearing. I have not tried it on since washing it... I wasn't going to write you a negative review but as I have received this request 3 times, I guess you really want it.

Hi Robin, Thank you so much for taking the time to review our Iris Night Black Midi Convertible Dress! We do truly appreciate any and all feedback - we are always looking to improve our products and processes. In-store, we do try our best to alert our clients that they may wish to wash darker or more saturated garments before wearing them because of the amount of dye required for production - a necessity to create the beautiful colours that our clients love so much! However, we do see that our online clients could also benefit from this information. Thankfully, there is always room for improvement! Starting in the new year, we will be initiating a new process that will notify all of our Henkaanistas (in-store and online) that darker or more saturated items should be washed pre-wear. We will also be reviewing our Review Request procedures to make things a little smoother. We value your feedback and want to ensure it is a comfortable process! Thank you again for reviewing our products. We are always looking for ways to make things easier our valued Henkaanistas! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! Warm regards, Kate
Great clearance steal

So pleased with the brooches we were there at the right time and got a great steal!

Size Chart

We’re on a mission to make sure women of all shapes and sizes can wear our clothes (and look damn good too)!

Imagine products made in size ranges, making everything weight-fluctuation-friendly. Never worry about growing out of clothes - not even through pregnancy! Products designed to look good worn backwards, forwards and even inside-out... Seriously.


















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Iris Convertible Dress





Calla Convertible Dress





Blume Convertible Dress





Ivy Convertible Dress





Viola Convertible Dress





Hana Overlay



Daffodil Overlay



Convertible Bandeau





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