The Perfect Convertible Wedding Dresses, all under $400

This blog post was originally written by Gloria Chik and updated by Madeleine Villa.


Henkaa has been a popular choice for bridal parties for over 10 years and for good reason; our dresses solve the difficult issue of finding one dress that all members of a bridal party can wear and love! Something that many people don't know about Henkaa is that we also carry affordable convertible wedding dresses. 

Because our dresses are size-flexible and fit up to a street size 24 we are a great choice for bridal parties who are looking for a sustainable option that they can wear again for other events.

Our wedding dresses are made up of two-pieces that can be worn together or separately, the first piece is the base dress made with our signature Lenaa™ fabric and the second piece is an overlay in a luxe fabric to add more detail to the gown. All options are under $400 so they are a great affordable convertible wedding dress, with minimal alterations that you can wear again! 

Here are a few more reasons you should explore our options for your wedding attire.

 Endless Styling Options

Everything changes, so why not embrace it? Create endless wedding styles for your convertible wedding dress, and experiment plenty before your special day. Weather changes may mean you need more coverage, or maybe a little less. 

Women wears Henkaa iris Peony Convertible Wedding Dress in a woods, affordable wedding dresses under $400

Jimena is wearing the Iris Peony Multiway Wrap Ivory Wedding Dress in the Diane style.

Pregnant brides also love our gowns because they can wear the same dress from 1 - 9 without worrying about constantly altering the dress. Create a wedding look all on your own, with room for a quick change in between on your big day.

Endless Convertible Wedding Dress Options at Affordable Costs 

At an affordable range of under $400, you can select a main ivory convertible dress design (Sakura, Iris, or Daffodil), and pair it beautifully with either a chiffon overlay, lace overlay, or our newest Peony skirt overlay made with a tulle-like fabric. 

Model wearing Henkaa Daffodial Convertible Maxi Lace Wedding Dress Overlay, a convertible wedding dress under $300.

Model is wearing the Daffodil Convertible Maxi Lace Wedding Dress Overlay in the Zeba style.

Pull together an effortless look for your convertible wedding dress or as a second dress for the cocktail and evening events. They're a simple way to stick to a budget or create new options throughout your special day.

Wear It Again

Our dresses are made with our signature Lenaa™ fabric - it's washer-friendly, wrinkle-resistant, and perfect to roll up and tuck away in a suitcase.

Shameeza is wearing the Henkaaa Sakura Chiffon Convertible Wedding dress, perfect wedding dress for plus size brides with curves.

Shameeza is wearing the Sakura Chiffon Convertible Wedding Dress

If you're going away for your honeymoon, a convertible wedding dress is a great option because they can be packed in a suitcase with minimal effort which leaves you with plenty of room to pack the rest of your vacation wardrobe! Plus, pair your skirt overlay with your beach outfit, or wear it over another Henkaa dress for a soft, romantic evening look.

Have we sold you on the convertible wedding dress yet? 
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