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by Paulina Gugala

We’re loving all of the mix n’ match bridesmaids that are popping up in our wedding gallery! Mix n’ match bridesmaids are a fantastic way to let each of your bridesmaids’ true colors shine through while creating an eclectic yet united look. They also turn out absolutely gorgeous in photos! If you’re considering doing a mix n’ match theme for your bridal party, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1) Give your girls direction: it’s a great idea to give your girls free reigns over what they’d like to wear at the wedding. However, they will appreciate some direction from you to put their mind at ease. Share a board with them on Pinterest or email them ideas to give them a better idea of what they should be looking for. Keep in mind that if you tell the girls you want a purple theme, one might come back with a dusty purple mini while another might come back with a dark plum gothic dress. When it comes to inspiration, your direction is always key!

2) Coordinate ombre colors: if you’re going for a single hue in an ombre array, make sure to have the girls update you on their finds, just in case any of the dresses stand out too much or don’t match the rest of the party. Not only will this make your wedding pictures look better, it will make your bridesmaid feel more comfortable since she won’t stick out like a sore thumb on the big day.

3) Play with your bling: don’t be afraid to use brooches or sashes to switch up your look. You can use them to create different necklines and color combos among all of the girls while adding something different to the entire ensemble.

4) Host a group fitting: once all of your bridesmaids have selected their dresses, get them together to try on their dresses and see how they look. That way you can iron out any last kinks and make sure each of your girls looks fabulous. So round up the girls, pop the champagne, and make a day out of it for all of you!

Here’s a collection of our favorite mix n’ match Henkaanista bridesmaids:

Babes in Neutral




Very Berry Hues




Teal Ombre




Pretty in Pastels








Dusty Purple & Dove Grey




Ocean Hues




Neutrals + A Pop of Fun




All the Colors of the Rainbow




Steal the Show in Teal




50 Shades of Purple…& Grey




See any looks that you love? Click here to start shopping the Henkaa collection and putting together your mix n’ match ideas!

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Paulina Gugala
Paulina Gugala

Digital Marketer by day, professional Netflix surfer by night, you can find Paulina either scouring the web for the latest news and trends, or sharing cute photos of her 15-year old pup with all of her coworkers.

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