Halloween Costume - The Powerpuff Girls

This blog was originally created by Madeleine Villa.

This Halloween grab your besties and dress up as the ultimate trio of crime fighting  kindergarteners The Powerpuff Girls!

This nostalgic throwback is sure to be a hit I mean who doesn't love Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles?

This costume is super simple, the hardest part is deciding which of the girls to be. If your memory is a tad foggy let us help to remind you who these girls are.

Blossom - Self titled leader of the group, strong, determined, level headed and                           composed.

Bubbles - Softest and sweetest of the group but don't be fooled she experiences                       crazy fits of rage she uses to fight opponents. 

Buttercup - The "tough tomboy" of the group, all action, rough and spunky

What You Will Need

- Henkaa Sakura Midi Convertible Dress in pink, blue or green

- Henkaa Convertible Sash in Night Black

- Red Bow for Blossom

- Black Shoes

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