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by Paulina Gugala


If you haven’t started watching the new Netflix original series ‘Stranger Things,’ then you need to put down everything you’re doing and watch it – right now! Read on to find out how we recreated Eleven’s look using convertible fashion.

It’s that time of year again where we get our creativity juices flowing and use our ConvertiStyle™ Collection to create our Halloween costumes! At Henkaa, we’re all about doing more with less. So how about using a dress you already have to recreate an amazing Halloween costume?

Our dresses are perfect for bridal, fashion, and travel, but we also love to show the versatility of our convertible dresses by recreating some of our favourite characters from movies and pop culture.

Join us as we transform our convertible dresses into the most unique outfits yet. Happy Henkaaween!

Today we’re inspired by Eleven from Stranger Things. Here’s how to recreate the look:


Eleven Costume

Find out how to create your own Eleven costume using convertible fashion!

Costume: Eleven of Stranger Things
What You’ll Need:
Blush Pink Sakura Mini Dress
-White oxford shirt
-Blue bomber jacket
-White knee-high socks
-White Converse sneakers
-Blonde wig
-Eggo box

What do you think of this Eleven costume? Check out the rest of our Henkaaween series at this link or follow our Halloween Pinterest board for year-round inspiration!

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Paulina Gugala
Paulina Gugala

Digital Marketer by day, professional Netflix surfer by night, you can find Paulina either scouring the web for the latest news and trends, or sharing cute photos of her 15-year old pup with all of her coworkers.

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