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by Sylvia Wong

Dove Grey was newly added to the Henkaa palette earlier this year and we’re just now starting to see how beautifully it’s been coming together in weddings. We’re so inspired by these gorgeous submissions. Stephanie recently sent us photos of her late summer wedding and we fell in love with how she creatively had her Maid of Honor stand out in a Hana Chiffon Overlay in a contrasting color! We’re also loving her adorable niece in a Sakura Mini Dress! Check out her bridesmaids in Dove Grey and read her wedding story below.

Henkaa Sakura Convertible Bridesmaid Dresses in Dove Grey. Love the pink balloon matching the pink overlay!
When: September 19th 2014
Where: Burlington, Ontario

Bridesmaids in Henkaa's Sakura Convertible Dress in Dove Grey
I wanted my wedding to have the modern/ vintage vibe. I felt the dove grey midi convertible dresses really captured this. I had all of my bridesmaids in different styles and my maid of honor with a pink chiffon overlay to set her apart.

Dove Grey Bridesmaids Dresses
One of my favorite moments was when we were all getting ready. Before I slipped into my wedding dress I was wrapping all the girls in their Henkaa styles. The pictures really capture this special time between a bride and her bridesmaids.

Junior Bridesmaid in Magenta Purple Sakura Convertble Dress - The perfect dress for junior bridesmaids and flower girls

Henkaa's Sakura Convertible Dresses let each of the bridesmaids choose their own styles but still match perfectly!
A friend of mine had recommended Henkaa to me saying she loves their product. I went to the Henkaa store with my bridesmaids to try them on. I fell in love with the versatility and color of the dresses. I wanted something that my girls could wear over and over again and not buy a typical bridesmaid dress that would most likely just hang in their closets.

Bridesmaids in Dove Grey Sakura Midi Convertible Dresses

Henkaa Sakura Mini Convertible Dress in Magneta Purple - Perfect Dress for Junior Bridesmaids

I had my 12 year old niece as an MC and she wanted something more sophisticated to wear, so we tried the mini convertible dress and she LOVED it, she will now be able to wear this for years to come whether as a dress, skirt or top. I am so so happy I chose to go with Henkaa. I would recommend them to anyone for any occasion.

Photography:  Rebecca Bundschuh and Laura Rowe

Did you have Henkaa as a part of your big day? Send us your pictures and tell us your story by submitting at stories.henkaa.com for a chance to win a seasonal prize!

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Sylvia Wong
Sylvia Wong

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