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by Paulina Gugala

We’ve all had that one moment…
you see it on the rack, you love it, you buy it. But when it comes to actually wearing it – you draw a blank. Don’t worry fellow fashionista, we’re here to help! Here are a few tips on how to wear your Hana Chiffon Overlay to any occasion.

From the Ceremony, to the Reception


A great way to use the Hana Chiffon Overlay is to make your look more dressy, or casual, depending on what you need. Melissa used her chiffon overlay to make for more of a conservative look for the wedding ceremony. Once you get to the reception, it’s time to party! Whip off that chiffon overlay to uncover your dress underneath and show off your legs. Strut your stuff, girl!


Have Some Fun with Color Blocking


Whoever said color blocking belongs in the ’80s has obviously lost their marbles. Pair a neutral shade with a pop of color and give your outfit a vibrant edge with your chiffon overlay. Try pairing different shades of the same color for more of a monochrome look.


Going on Vacation? Travel light!


The great thing about the Hana Chiffon Overlay is that it’s super easy to pack and gives you so many options. If you’re going from dinner to the bar, put your overlay over your dress and you’ve got a super cute, classy dress that’ll have everyone’s head turning.


Make your Maid of Honor Stand Out


If you want your Maid of Honor to wear something slightly different than the rest of your bridesmaids, give her a chiffon overlay to give her dress a bit of a twist. This bride gave her Maid of Honor a Blush Pink Hana Chiffon Overlay to put over her Dove Grey Sakura Convertible Dress. It distinguished the Maid of Honor without making her stand out too much from the others. What a beautiful color combo!


Wear it to the Office


Use your chiffon overlay for chillier seasons to give you more warmth on your legs while adding a cute, flirty layer to your outfit. Michelle paired her Robin’s Egg Blue Sakura Dress with the same colored Hana Overlay to give the outfit more body and movement. Add your favorite belt and jacket, and you’ve got the perfect casual work outfit!


Your Best Friend’s Work Party


Got a formal event to go to but have nothing to wear? Fear not, dear friend. Deep, rich tones like deep plum and burgundy wine look great on top of a black outfit. Sylvia paired her Night Black Sakura Mini Dress with a Deep Plum Chiffon Overlay and added a statement necklace for an extra touch of elegance. That way you have a sneak-peek of your legs without showing too much skin.


Turn Your Mini into a Maxi


If you want to make your look a little more formal, add a chiffon overlay on top of a cute mini skirt. That way you can feel comfortable and less exposed if you don’t want to show too much skin. Here, Jeannie paired a black slip dress with a Dove Grey Hana Maxi Overlay pulled over the bust. Use a belt to cinch your waistline and accentuate your curves in all the right places!


Drinks with the Girls


Deep tones are our favorite! Give your look some movement and fun by adding a long chiffon overlay to your dress. Throw on your favorite statement necklace and you’re ready to paint the town red!


A Cute Weekend Outfit for the Fall


Autumn is a great season for layering. Take advantage of the cool weather and grab your coziest sweater and a cute skirt. The chiffon overlay will add an extra layer of warmth while still looking sleek and sophisticated.


Switch Up your Look for Any Occasion


The beauty in it all is that you can make your own unique look with a chiffon overlay. Whether you want to dress it up, or stay casual, there’s an overlay for everyone! Our new Hana Maxi Lace Overlay adds a beautiful lace texture to any dress and drapes perfectly over any body. Switch up your colors, try new textures, and most importantly, have fun with it!


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Paulina Gugala
Paulina Gugala

Digital Marketer by day, professional Netflix surfer by night, you can find Paulina either scouring the web for the latest news and trends, or sharing cute photos of her 15-year old pup with all of her coworkers.

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