North American SizingHenkaa Sizing
0 - 14 *One Size (O/S)
16 - 26Plus

* If you are around in the size 12 to 14 range and have a fuller bust and/or waistline,
we recommend the Plus dress since the straps are longer and wider allowing for more
flexibility with styling options.

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Reviews & Testimonials

"I recently got married and had bridesmaids that were travelling to be in the wedding, two from out of state. I knew that I wanted a dress that would pack well, be easy to care for, and enable them to choose a style that would look great! This is the perfect dress for all of these reasons! The girls also found a way to wear it for the ceremony and one more fun for the reception! Awesome Dress!!"


"Hi Henkaa Team,

"I tried calling the store after yesterday's appointment but I think I was too late and called after closing. I wanted to say a big thank you to Sara for her assistance with my three bridesmaids. We loved the product and Sara did such a great job in showing us the different ways the dress could be worn. To be very honest, we had an appointment at another bridal shop afterwards to try the "Dessy Twist Dress", which in my opinion is a direct knock off of the henkaa dress. The Dessy dress is very limited in its versatility, you have to have the length tailored, the fabric isn't as nice, and the price is $50-$80 more than the henkaa product. We tried to politely leave the other bridal store as soon as possible because we knew henkaa was the way to go!!! I have already contacted my fourth bridesmaid with your website since she wasn't able to come with us, and we will be ordering four henkaa dresses. Thank you for making it such an easy decision!!"

Kristin E.

"I have been a long standing "Henkette". I bought my first Henkaa dress when you were still located on Yonge St. in North York and have been addicted ever since.

Michael and I got engaged in October of 2010 and although I began planning right away we had a long 3 year engagement before we finally tied the knot on a Caribbean Cruise a month ago, February 26th, 2013. When I had first read about Henkaa dresses on a wedding blog 2 or 3 years back, I was instantly hooked and had finished my search for bridesmaid dresses. For 2 years I was dead set on these Henkaa dresses, and I am so thankful I found out about these.

My girls looked breathtaking, they were really comfortable, and it didn't break the bank.

When other brides approach me on any tips or trick on wedding planning, I instantly tell them about Henkaa dresses, and I always get the same reaction; "ya, but there is no way one size will look good on everyone"..but it does! I have 3 Henkaa dresses and every single time I wear it I receive a compliment, on the fabric, the style, and people sometimes ask me if I switched dresses throughout the night. I love that I can wear this dress at a wedding, graduation, on vacation, or even at a BBQ and it always looks amazing!

Henkaa definitely made my life and shopping experience as a bride a pleasant one, and I now that the wedding as come and gone, I would not have changed any of it!

"Hi Henkaa Team,

Please see the few comments below why I LOVE your company!
- your samples were sent quickly, neatly cut, labelled and the correct colours were sent
- your collection is very complete and well shown on your website
- We came in for a fitting and your staff is awesome, knowledgeable, and very friendly
- you carry everything but shoes!  I can see buying everything I need for my sisters wedding in your store!

Thank you for the samples

ps. am telling EVERYONE about your dresses!"


"The orange and yellow dresses looked wonderful in my "Tropical Citrus Burst" destination wedding. They flowed beautifully and complimented every lady in my bridal party; short, tall, every body shape and type. Especially with the cost of the destination wedding, these dresses fit the budget for every lady and they can wear it again and again! I will be ordering one for myself soon! Thank you so much for this amazing dress!!!"


"I fell in love with these dresses once I saw them. They were perfect for my beach wedding! The colours were amazing! All the ladies wore a different top but they all still looked uniformed!"


"I always have a hard time finding something to wear to my husband's Christmas parties and when a friend told me about this dress, I had to go and see if it would fit me. I'm not a small girl, but I wanted to feel beautiful and this dress made me feel beautiful. On the night of the party, I felt wonderful. I hope everyone likes my picture. Thank you to the wonderful girls at the shop that helped me feel and look great for the party."

Mazyline M.

"The short blush pink dresses looked amazing at my destination wedding in Jamaica! The dresses packed wonderfully...not a wrinkle! Every girl looked amazing!"

Tamasha T.

"My Henkaa story is a special one. I had less than 2 months to plan our wedding and find a dress (due to unfortunate circumstances within the family), and I'm so self conscious about my body. When I found your site I was SO excited for an ivory gown! But your site said they were on backorder. I wrote in to find out more and I was SO lucky that you had one left in stock!  It was fate! and the most amazing dress I have ever worn :) Thank you Henkaa!"

Amanda Victoria N. H.

Photo Credit: Khorus Eye

"I just wanted to send thanks and gratitude for the most perfect bridesmaids dresses. It was just too perfect of a day! Thank you again and I look forward to more amazing dresses in the future."


"I was so excited to wear my new Navy Blue long Henkaa to our Champagne Celebration- a formal fundraiser for Chrones and Colitis in honor of our late friend. A beautiful night in a beautiful dress!"

Jorje Oke

"Me and my ladies absolutely LOVED the henkaa dresses! The charcoal grey went with our grey & yellow colour scheme perfectly. The dress's versatility was fabulous for a few reasons: firstly, one of my bridesmaids was 4 months pregnant during the wedding (and this dress still fit her the same as pre-prenancy when she bought it!), and secondly, due to unforeseen circumstances at last minute another bridesmaid was unable to attend the wedding and a wonderful friend took her spot and was still able to wear the same dress (the "one size" was a life saver)! Henkaa basically saved the day and allowed for us to adapt to our unpredictable situations - We would have had dresses that didn't fit and didn't match without them. Thank you Henkaa for making our wedding gorgeous!!!"

Shannon G.

"I saw these dresses and completely fell in love with them. I instantly knew I had to have them for my Bridesmaids. Each bridesmaid loved the dress knowing they could wear them in whatever style suited their needs. I told them to have fun with the dress and they did. Thank you Henkaa for completing my wedding day in style!"

Tina M.

"I needed a dress to wear for a wedding that would allow me to nurse my daughter easily and discreetly.  After looking in many malls in vain, I purchased this navy blue Henkaa dress at their boutique and it was absolutely PERFECT!  I knew right away after trying it on that it was the dress I had been searching countless hours for.  Combined with the matching bandeau, not only was the dress extremely lightweight and comfortable, but nursing was a breeze!  Even better, I know I’ll wear this beautiful dress over and over again after I’m done the nursing phase as well.  It is a definite must-have in any woman’s closet, and it’s great for pregnant ladies or nursing moms too.  Thanks Henkaa for making such an amazing and versatile dress!"

Phan O.


"From the moment I laid my eyes on your designs back in 2010, I KNEW that if/when I got married- Henkaa was it. Well I did get married and selected the plum purple design for my summer wedding. I wanted to say thank you for your wonderful dresses, exceptional customer service and for being so awesome. I have almost told everyone I know about your dresses and how easy they are to wear, convert and accessorise. Thanks so much for making my wedding day so beautiful!"

Ashley A.

Photo credit: Kathleen Ferguson Photography

"My maid of honor and bridesmaids bought your dresses for my wedding this summer in blush and lilac. I wanted to share some photos that show them off :) They were so beautiful and everyone LOVED them and how you could make each one unique. As you can see all my girls are different and each one looked so gorgeous in them. Thank you so much for making the wedding process a little easier for us brides :)"

Tara G.

"Just a quick note to thank Henkaa for their amazing dresses that were perfect for my bridesmaids! They are perfect in that everyone can wear them a different way yet still match! My girls could show cleavage or hide tattoos. They LOVED them! And you can't beat the price! One of my bridesmaids just sent me an email with a pic of her wearing the dress again just one week after the wedding, telling me she has never worn any other bridesmaid dress twice! Thank you Henkaa!!! Maybe I need to buy myself one!!! I won't rule it out."


"I just wanted to say I love the dress. I went to a wedding this weekend and was told by the grooms' co-workers that I was voted best dressed of the night. Everyone asked me where I got the dress and I told them Henkaa! It is amazing and can't wait to get the short one! Keep up the good work! "


"We just got our wedding pictures from the photographer and wanted to send you some pics of the girls in their Henkaa dresses. The girls really loved them! We also got a lot of compliments from our friends about the dresses =) One of my friends in particular liked the dresses so much that she's considering getting them for her own wedding next year!"

Gina K.

"I love the [turquoise teal] color and the dresses were tons of fun to style on the day. The bride was very happy with how the Henkaa dresses turned out!"

Monica C. (Bridesmaid)

"Dear Henkaa staff, Our daughter Presley was in a wedding July 22nd 2012, as a junior bridesmaid, as you can see she was in your mini and she looked stunning. The older girls were in the mid knee dress. I can’t say enough about these wonderful dresses and have told everyone I know where I bought it in Toronto.

Thanks for all your help."

Leslie L.

"I just wanted to say how much I love my plum purple Sakura Henkaa dress! I had a few end of the year banquets to attend and an upcoming vacation to the Dominican so I thought I would order the Henkaa and see how it fit. I absolutely love the way it fits and feels and how many different ways it can be worn. It was so helpful to only have to pack one dress to wear three nights, three different ways.

Thanks Henkaa!"

Heather M.

"I was completely astonished at the customer support that I received regarding my dress. I was in a rush to receive my dress and had not previously ordered express shipping. When I emailed Henkaa to see if I could change my shipping, I promptly received a PHONE CALL from the staff assuring me that my dress would arrive in time without having to pay extra for shipping! I have never received such great support from an "online" company and would recommend Henkaa to anyone not only for their amazing dresses, but for their customer care and making me feel like I was important and not just another order! Thanks Henkaa!"

"Simply amazing! I needed to find a dress for my wife, for a wedding fast approaching. The dress i found was PERFECT! Not only was it in stock, i paid for 2-3 day shipping to make sure we got it within time for the event. i ordered it on Tuesday night around 11:00pm. The dress arrived on Thursday at 4pm. Super fast! She is so happy with the dress and all of the different styles it can be worn as. I think she is the most beautiful woman in the world, and this dress takes it to the next level. So a HUGE thank you to, Henkaa and Kathrine in customer support for making such a unique dress that put a smile on my wife's face i have not seen in awhile."

Michael P.

"Where did the time go since June?   The dresses were a show stopper at the wedding - since then they've been passed to friends, traveled to Italy, worn by myself (of course I had to get one too).   My two bridesmaids that were pregnant LOVED them.  Once was 9 months pregnant and bought the long version and hemmed it, and since then has adjusted it to the short version.

We have all got our money's worth out of them, and the photos are stunning.

Many thanks, as always."

Robin Wilbur-Cawkell

"Hola Henkaa Team!

First off, congrats on all your success and for the new store and location! I know you will do amazingly well and hopefully soon we'll see a location in Vancouver. Now, I just wanted to thank you for creating such an amazing product. I have seen similar types of dresses in the past but nothing comparable to the fabric quality and color selection you offer. I gave the magenta dresses to my girls and they loved them! After deciding on a destination wedding I knew I wanted something easy to pack, lightweight and easy to care for. My bridesmaids all live in different parts of the country so having a one size dress was the icing on the cake for me. A few days before the wedding I had the girls up to my room for champagne and to explore the different ways the dress could be worn (2 of them had never seen the dress until then). They were just amazed at how different it could look in less than a minute with a few adjustments. I am so happy I found your dresses. They looked amazing in person and in photos and the best part- my girls said they were soooo comfortable all day and night! Thanks Henkaa! Keep up the amazing work, I can't wait to see where you'll be in a years' time!"

"I just wanted to send you these pics of my girls and I at my wedding this past Spring. The dresses were a hit! Everyone loved them. Thank you so much for having such beautiful and affordable dresses, my girls looked amazing in them!! As you know I purchased a [Pure Ivory] dress for my reception, I felt like a princess in your dress and it flattered my growing tummy!!!!!(I gave birth on Aug 6th) I recommended you guys to everyone!" Mikeisha

"Just wanted to say Thank You so Much Henkaa! My girls looked wonderful and they had a blast trying to figure out which style they wanted to wear! The plum purple went great with the yellow flower girl dresses and grey suits!" Love S.E.A

"You helped me out tremendously this spring, with making sure I had my bridesmaid dresses in plenty of time for my beach wedding, and I promised you pics of the dresses in action! Here they are... they worked out wonderfully... I had 5 bridesmaids, ranging in age from 12-30-somethings and one of my bridesmaids was 5 months pregnant - the dresses were fabulous! Thanks again for helping to make my wedding perfect!" Jillian N.

"I just wanted to say thank you for making our wedding a magical day! The grey dresses worked out fabulously and they contrasted perfectly with the pink in our wedding! Thank you a bunch! I have raved about your dresses to everyone!" Heather M.

Photos courtesy of the bride

"It has been a while since I spoken with you (since I recieved my bridesmaid dresses last year). Well, we have had the wedding and here are a two pictures of my ladies. Thank you again for your great customer service and I pray that you are well!" Christina C. W.

Photo courtesy of the bride

"The wedding was amazing..and the bridesmaids look so bright and beautiful! They had so much fun wrapping them on the day and each looked stunning. Apologies for the delay...but here are the images for your site..I think they're lovely..hopefully worth the wait :) All the best to you in 2011!"   Toni C.

Click here to see more pictures. Photo credit: Juma Bannister, Relate Studios

"Everyone LOVED my dress! I just wanted to thank you so much for designing such a beautiful and versatile dress. I know your typical market is bridesmaids, but for a laid-back and non-traditional bride, your dress was the perfect choice! It was totally "me". I didn't even realize it until the actual day of our wedding, but I felt / looked like a total Greek goddess! Keep Toronto beautiful!" Jennifer F. W. (and Hubby Matt W.)

Photo credit: RamyaJ Images

"You're right after a few tries, it's really easy to create different styles. For years I've been having a little trouble with my weight but can't believe how well this dress covers all my "trouble" spots and the wraps make a huge difference. Hands down the sweetheart style is my favorite and can't wait to try out other ones." Betty

"I've been looking for the stick on bras (Freebra) everywhere and so it's great that you have them!! Victoria Secret sells them for close to a hundred dollars, so at $28, this is definitely the better bargain." Abby

"The model in the videos makes it look so easy, but I tried a few of the styles on my own and they didn't come out right. I guess I just need more practice. Overall, I love the dress." Lindsay

"Best dress in my closet!" Jin

"Just had my wedding and my bridesmaids all love the dress. We got it in plum purple and they all wore it in different styles and really made them look good in the pictures. The cost was very affordable so I was able to buy each girl the dress which doubled up as their bridesmaids gift. Not only did they love wearing it on the day, they all said it's a staple item in their closet now. Thanks!" Lisa

"I love this dress!! It's been the best purchase so far in terms something I wear over and over again and it doesn't look the same. I can't thank you enough for coming up with it!" Carly

"As a guy, it's hard to find a perfect gift for your girlfriend that already has waaaaay too many clothes and shoes and everything else. Never mind the wrath of getting her size wrong or picking a style that makes her "look fat." Then I found your convertible dresses where you can't get the size or the style wrong. Henkaa not only saved me from the dog house - you also scored me some big brownie points. Kudos." Dave

"Joanna donated one of the convertible dresses to our Salvation Army Silent Auction for charity. Behind an electronic prize, it was the most popular item that got the most bids! Some of the ladies were really sad that they didn't get the dress. Thank you so much for your generous contribution and all the best to Henkaa." Han

"I won't lie, I was very skeptical and nervous about buying the dress online without trying it first. I was also a bit intimidated - how could one dress actually turn into that many styles? Well, I bit the bullet, got the Sakura Infinity Dress and I've spent countless hours in front of the mirror playing around with it. The videos are very helpful so keep them coming!" Dakota

"I'm getting married next year and we've been searching everywhere for bridesmaid dresses without any luck. All the girls are different sizes ranging from 0 - 16, so it's been a challenge. I was introduced to the convertible dresses from the WeddingBee forums and I immediately thought that they would be perfect, but when I saw the cost of some of them (over $250 each for the Two Birds Bridesmaid version), I couldn't justify having my girls spend THAT much money! As a cheaper option, we actually tried getting the Victoria Secret one, but the fabric on those were very stiff and looked too casual for a wedding. Plus, the largest size didn't fit the size 16 maid properly, so we had to return it. Then I came across Henkaa and thank goodness I did. I ordered one dress to try and figured I had nothing to lose since I could keep it for myself and in the worst case, they have a refund policy. The girls all tried it on and they loved it instantly. Even though the website says that it only fits size 0 - 14, it actually fit my maid that was a size 16 - she couldn't wear it in a lot of the ways, but it did fit and look great on her! We ended up ordering 4 more (I decided to get one for myself too) and I can't wait for my bridesmaids to walk down the aisle with me in their beautiful convertible dresses!" Melanie

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