North American SizingHenkaa Sizing
0 - 14 *One Size (O/S)
16 - 26Plus

* If you are around in the size 12 to 14 range and have a fuller bust and/or waistline,
we recommend the Plus dress since the straps are longer and wider allowing for more
flexibility with styling options.

Click here for dress measurements.

Jo's Story

the founder Joanna, or Jo as she is commonly referred to, is the face and brains behind the Henkaa operation. Jo says it was destined to be since Henkaa merges all of her loves: fashion, technology, business building and sales. But really, the whole concept of Henkaa came to life from Jo’s own practicality and ability to do more with less - plus her desire to facilitate perspective and individual expression. Jo gets completely inspired every time someone takes the exact same convertible piece and creates a completely new way to wear it or accessorizes it to make it her own. Prior to starting Henkaa, Jo developed a pretty diverse background, from Computer Programming to IT Product Management and Business Development to Real Estate Sales. Jo holds a degree in Math and Business from the University of Waterloo, in addition to an honorary degree in “Frugalnomics.”

jo in her favourite henkaa sakura :) jo-styling jo-town-crier